The latest from Disney and Alan

Hi! I’m writing this to let you know about two big things:

First of all, here’s what’s going on with Disney:

Disney has just started allowing trips to be booked for 2021. However, 2020 bookings are still on hold, and guests that had previously scheduled 2020 trips will be under some new safety regulations, such as mandatory mask-wearing, only visiting one park per day, and temporary suspension of FastPasses. Disney suggests that anyone still planning to visit the parks in 2020 familiarize themselves with these expectations before they arrive. Though it is currently unclear how long these restrictions will be in place, many people have already begun booking trips for 2021, including groups that had planned on traveling in 2020. If you’re curious to see whether a 2021 trip is a good idea for you, let me know.

My other piece of news is that I have moved to a new agency! Now, I’m working with Magical Travel, an “EarMarked Platinum” agency with a focus on Disney. This designation assures me that I will always have access to breaking information on deals and developments.

As I begin to regularly use this platform, I plan to send out a post any time that I have something major to let you know about, like a new special or big announcement. Updates will likely come at a rate of only about six per year, but if you don’t want that in your inbox, feel free to unsubscribe.

Finally, be sure to like my Facebook page. In addition to sharing Disney news, I post one-sentence reviews of experiences and attractions each time I visit.

Remember the magic,